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January 27, 2016  •  1 Comment

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Choosing a location for your engagement session may seem like a difficult feat but it really doesn't have to be. While I do offer my clients suggestions on their engagement session location, I also encourage my clients to choose a location that is meaningful to them. A location that can represent who they are as a couple and or show how they like to spend their time together, like maybe a hike or a day exploring Bolinas and the lighthouse or just exploring San Francisco's iconic sites like areas with a view of the Golden Gate bridge - from the Marin headlands, or on the SF side at Crissy Fields or Golden Gate Park itself, with so many special little areas & parklettes within it. If that's not your thing but the coast is - then ask your photographer to hit the road with you up and down the gorgeous coast on Highway one. I've shot at areas in Bodega Bay, Pescadero and even in Mendocino County. If the coast isnt' your thing - perhaps a hike into the woods is? And if so, you are in luck as the Bay area offers several large wooded forests and parks within a short distance from San Francisco. 

Some other things to consider is - what type of couple are you? Do you prefer a more urban vibe and would rather have the city's architecture be your backdrop rather than the coast or the woods. Plus, when are you having these taken? Being mindful of the weather and sunset times will help you and your photographer get those awesome photos you two will treasure and maybe even use on your save the dates!

What time should you have your engagement session? I like to schedule my sessions with my clients about an hour to an hour and half before sunset. Being mindful that the last location is where we will need to be at least 30-40 minutes before the estimated sun set time.

So if you are stumped on a location - which rarely happens, just ask your photographers or friends for help! You can also ask me too, even if I'm not your booked engagement session or wedding photographer!

If you have any questions during your wedding planning or about the bay area and where to get some photos done, send them my way - I'm always happy to help.

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