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Some random facts: 

  • I met my husband online- on craigslist! (And yes, you can ask me all about it when we meet)
  • I am part of an awesome birth community that helps support a mother's decision to know all about her options, which is why I love my birth story work so much. No matter where or how a mother decides to give birth, I'm here to help support her in that decision and document her journey.
  • I love building things out of cardboard or legos with my kids, listening to records on a warm lazy day and I am not a morning person but I have some pretty cute alarm clocks named Jackson & Raima who think otherwise. 
  • I enjoy making a fresh cup of pour over coffee in the morning and reading a few design blogs {like Design Sponge, SF Girl By Bay, and Oh Happy Day - just to name a few} before I start my day. 
  • I'm a whiskey or beer girl and love love tacos & sushi!

I was born in the Philippines, and came to the U.S. when I was 4.5 years old. Halves are really important. I grew up all over the Los Angeles area, went to college in Santa Cruz and lived in San Francisco for a decade before calling Oakland home.  We do travel to Los Angeles a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Yes, I was raised in the valley. I love coffee, a diet coke once in awhile and a good bloody mary (strong & a tad spicy) enjoyed in a sunny breezy outdoor patio. I have an affinity for tattoos because just like photographs, they tell a story (and yes, I do have a few). I love sushi & tacos trucks. And most importantly - I never take myself too seriously and happen to tell terrible corny jokes (I get that from my mom - whom I miss so much).

Ok, enough about me, what about you? What's your story, morning glory? I'd love to hear all about you!
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(Images are by me with some images taken by my better half - my husband. On some weddings, we do shoot together and each time we do - we stop to take a look at each other and smile, because we know what a celebration it truly is to be married!)