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Here are just a few venues I've had the pleasure of shooting in (and or attended a wedding at) that I think were great places to get hitched at and have a major dance party at too!

Garden Valley Ranch: Located about 50 minutes north of San Francisco and is really such a gem of a place for the following reasons:


1. The cute cottages - One for where the bride gets ready in and can also have as their lodging for their first night as a newlywed. There is also another smaller cottage for the groom to get ready at that isn't too far but is just far enough from the bride.

2. Another building/barn type location - filled with amazing light and textures, plus a large working area to work on floral arrangements as well as a cooler to store them in. This can also be a staging area or waiting area for the wedding party to hang out in - and or take some amazing photos in!

3. The grounds itself - plenty of open spaces, areas, courtyards, aside from the gazebo/ceremony and outdoor reception area and of course greenery and flowers, it is after all a rose garden.


heat in the summertime and mosquitoes...so bring bug spray! Also if you have allergies to pollen and what not, you'll want to bring some claritin or something of that sort.

Piedmont Community Center: Located about 20 minutes from San Francisco


1. Beautiful Japanese style "tea room" for the bride to get ready in, equipped with lots of nice textures for picture taking - as well as being nestled within redwoods and oak trees with a Japanese style deck and railings.

2. Outdoor Ceremony area shaded by redwoods, can also have the ceremony inside the community center on the stage.

3. Character of community building with grand windows and wood beams.

4. Grounds are pretty with lots of areas to take portraits in.


1. It is also a public park, the grounds may have guests with pets walking about while you are enjoying your special day and or taking photos outside. 

2. Community building is small - but can accommodate about 120 guests

Wildwood Retreat: Located in Guerneville near the Russian River, about 1.5 hours from San Francisco. I had the pleasure to attend a friend of mine's wedding here and to date, it still is one of the best weddings I've ever had the honor of attending, because of how the wedding itself was - amongst friends and during a 3 day event - where we camped onsite or on the grounds' cabins. The grounds has a pool and a jacuzzi, several hiking areas, decks and other rooms for use. It was just an amazing time to be with friends and family. It has been quite a number of years since I've last been here but if they've kept it as natural as it was - I'm sure it'll treat you just as nicely.

This list will continue to grow..so check back soon..if there are more specific things you would like information on, please don't hesitate to contact me using the contact tab above.

Thank you!