C Wagner Photography & Design LLC | Second Shooting Information

Hi there!

Thank you for considering me for second shooting opportunities you may have.

Please take a look around my website to get more familiar with my work and me.


Please feel free to contact the current studios/photographers I work with:

shadowinglights.com (shadowinglights.info@gmail.com) - My main partner in crime in this photo biz. We often second shoot each others' weddings.

lechphoto.com (lech@lechphoto.com

danjohanson.com (mrdanjohan@gmail.com)

Previous photographers, I have worked with:



I am comfortable with low light and no flash-restricted situations as well as working with the groomsmen on my own. I also like to experiment during the dancing/reception by dragging the shutter, triggering OCF and using the available light from the DJ or videographer. I primarily like to shoot with prime lenses and prefer to zoom with my feet ;)

I am very personable, friendly and easy going. Guests, bride & groom and family are usually very comfortable with me after just meeting me on the wedding day.

My gear:

2 - Nikon D750s

1 - D600 (back-up)

1 -D610 (back up)


20 f2.8 {great for wide // environmental portraits}

35-70 f2.8 (I don't use this one much at all)

35 f2

50 f1.8 & 1.4

60 f2.8

85 f1.8 

105 f2.8 {also a Macro - great for ring shots & portraits!}

180 f2.8

3 - Yongnuo 560 EX IV flashes


1-pocket wizard