C Wagner Photography & Design LLC | The Process


1| TALK : We talk about you, your ideas, your goals and what your favorite things are. Simple, right? Before the design process begins, I want to get to know you and your business. What makes you happy and how can I convey what you want to your client or target market looks at your web presence or your logo. 

2 | CREATE : We write some ideas down from step one. Brainstorm and collaborate and throw ideas at each other. After our initial consultation (See step 1) I get to the drawing board and sketch out ideas and focus on all the favorites you had mentioned and create a mood board for our project. Yes, it's our project!  Design is always a collaboration, even if it is only one designer doing all the work - it was everything & everyone around that one designer that collaborated to inspire her to create the finished project. This is your business, this is YOU on the interwebs - so we are a team in getting your internet presence to match what your heart wants to sing.

Design concepts will be emailed back and forth and you will be able to make two revisions to the designs I submit until the final designs are submitted to be sure that everything is still in line to what we originally talked about in step 1.

3 | IMPLEMENT : Once, all design elements have been approved, depending on your design package - we send you the files and will help you implement it across your marketing platforms, such as on your business cards, stationary, website and more. Most often we help our clients launch websites or even re-brand. Just talk to us, we're here to help!