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What to Expect

Every birth & journey is different. I can be there for 6 hours or 26 hours. If it seems like it will be a longer journey than what was anticipated, after discussing with you and your family - I can come back in a couple of hours, check in and start shooting again, depending on your chosen package. I offer two birth photography packages that would suit most families needs. If you would like to tailor a package to your liking, please contact me for a custom quote.

If you would like to arrange for your free birth story consultation, and meet in person to answer all your questions, please feel free to contact me by going to the contact me tab above.



The Full Journey - This package is for the mother and family who want to have unlimited documentation of their full journey. From pregnancy to motherhood, this package includes a lifestyle maternity session beginning at your 34th week or later and unlimited photography coverage for your labor & birth journey and requires me to be on call 24/7 for you, two weeks before you due date until you give birth. Plus a lifestyle newborn/family session a few days after. Whenever you find yourself at the start of labor, you or most likely someone you designate- can text/call me and I will arrange for me to be able to get to you no matter what time it is. I usually ask to be texted and or called again when you are at about 5-6cm and will arrive thereafter and start documenting until 3 hours after birth, or we usually play it by ear.



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The Welcome Package - This package, often called the fresh 48 session with other birth photographers, is a documentary lifestyle session that takes place after baby has already been born and is best for those who are a little more modest about the labor and delivery part of their journey. Usually within the first few hours or at most 24-48 hours – I get called to the hospital or birth location, but only during daylight hours of 8 am - 5 PM {depending on sunset times}. I'll spend a few hours (up to 3 hours) with you and your new family and document this new chapter in your lives together. From introductions to family members etc, to every little detail such as weights & measures (if this has not yet been done), foot prints, start of breast feeding, first bath and the extra special bonding time that takes place immediately after birth.

Your private online gallery will be completed within 4-6 weeks of your delivery date, usually it is sooner but is dependent on my schedule. Galleries & product orders can be expedited, if requested, for an additional fee. Please visit my investment guide for further details.

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