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What to Expect

Once you fill out the session agreement and pay the non-refundable retainer, your session date is secured on my calendar. Prior to this, you should have received a questionnaire to complete and made a pre-session consultation appointment. The consultation can take place in person or via email or phone, whichever is most convenient for you and your family. The goal of the consultation is to answer all of the questions you may have and discuss what products you are most interested in purchasing. 
All sessions include a private online gallery with high resolution edited images that will be completed within 4-6 weeks of your session date, usually it is sooner but is dependent on my schedule. Galleries & product orders can be expedited, if requested, for an additional fee. I offer collections of products that include both digital and print or you can create your own collection with exactly what you want with my a la carte menu which starts at $10.. Please visit my investment guide for further details.
Family Sessions:
Please choose a time when you and your child(ren) is at his or her most comfortable. Usually it is best, if you are early risers - to schedule the session a few hours before their nap or a couple of hours after they've taken one. Please feel free to bring snacks like cheerios and or small finger foods like carrots or celery sticks. Snacks that aren't going to leave colored hands when held or crumble and get smeared all over their clothes (and yours!). I will have wipes, but I am sure you would be packing a bag with all these sort of essentials!
Because my photography style is one that focuses on more candid, non-posed and the non-traditional stuff, it is important to let your child just be themselves and be free and do what they do best. Yes, sometimes that may mean we will have to chase them around! But that is ok! It isn't at all necessary to direct them or ask them to smile or look here or there since this can typically have them feel more awkward, shy or tense. However, I do understand that some clients would like a traditional posed family shot and we will get those shots closer to the end of our session when everyone, especially the kids, have become more comfortable with me and my camera.
As a mother myself, I understand that kids can have their own agendas, so just relax and enjoy your family time together while I document this time for you. The most natural moments are the ones that make the best images because they really capture who you and your family are.
Typical family & children portrait sessions last between 1 to 1.5 hours but are scheduled for up to 2 hours to allow for breaks or changes in outfits and or a second location. Family sessions are for immediate family only, each additional member is $25 each. Children only sessions are for up to 3 children only, each additional child is $25.


Maternity Sessions: 

Maternity Sessions are usually done anytime after 30 weeks (but this is not a hard & fast rule!). This on location session focuses on your beauty and glow as a mother to be in your natural surroundings, whether it is at your own home or out in a field. Professional makeup, hair and wardrobe styling can be included for an additional fee of $150

If you would like some images showing off your beautiful belly, please try not to wear elastic type pants or skirts for at least two hours before our session as they tend to leave marks. The same thing goes with some jewelry.

This session is for up to 2 hours and can include your partner as well. This session is to capture you and this significant time in your life. 



Lifestyle Newborn Sessions: 

Newborn sessions can be done as early as 5 days and as late as 3 months old (or even 6 months! Again, I am not one for rules!). But, if you want the more sleepy shots of baby all wrapped up like a burrito then it is best to schedule a session when baby is between 5 and 10 days new. After 10 days old they are more alert and aware of their surroundings - which still make for some great images :)
Newborn sessions are done at the comfort of your own home and can last up to 3 hours so please prepare for that. This is so that there is ample time for breaks, feeding and changing that is necessary to keep baby comfortable. Some family shots can also be taken during this time but won't be the focus of the session. If you would like to add the entire family to this session and or have more images with the siblings - please add $25 per child. Please feel free to prepare items to be used during our session, such as family heirloom items and or baby blankets.